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About Us

Himalaya Chinese Medicine Corp.

About Us
Himalaya Chinese Medicine Corp. was established on Oct., 2015.  Our founders and staffs are all come from TCM Docotor background.  Most of them are runing successful clinics.  We fully understand the life cycle of running a clinic, the need of our patients and the need of our colleague acupuncturists.  For a clinic, runing a chinese herbal dispensory, dealing with vendor, founding good quality, easy to use needle, keeping knowledge up to day, meeting the continue education requirement, and keeping higher patient compliance not only are time and money consume, but also most time are overwhelmed.    Now we are here with this easy to use system.  Throught this site, let's show you how easy you can use our virtual dispensary   How to access the premier level training to keep your competency.   Tracking your CE, your patient’s order is never that easy and at your finger tip.  As a patient, they can feel how near their  acupuncturist is and how easy to purchase herbal formular for their well-being.  As a Chinese herbal vendors, you are here to meet thousands of patients and doctors to promote your products.  For you as an acupuncturist, we want you focus on your patient, we'll  do the rest.   

Our Staff

Our staff are all came from TCM doctor backgroud.  And most of them are runing successful clinic.  
Work hard, think differently and make job done.  

Dr. Zhuying Huang

Tech Support

My name is Zhuying and I am here to help develop and guid you to use our system smoothly and effectively.  I live in Los Gatos with my husband and two lovely kids.  I love enjoy outdoor activites and love to travel.  

Yahong Guo Ph.D

Herbal Specialist and technical writer

Hi, My name is Yahong. I am here to help classify the herbs and formular at a practical way and create esay to read and understandable description and develop useful templete for your daily use. I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and kids.

Dr. Susan Hu

Marketing Director

My name is Susan and I am here to define our system to meet customer, clinic and vendor's requirements.  Bring world class acupurncturists, herbal specialist, speaker to here to mantain your competency and keep higher patient compliance.  I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband and one lovely daurger who constantly inspires me.  

Dr. Katherine Sun


I'm Katherine and I am here to help define, develop our system to help you running a successful clinic smoothly and effectively. I live in Santa Clara with my husband and daughter. I love to enjoy classical music and singing when I get freetime